Verboticism: Trainwreckspotter

'That idiot has finally been fired?'

DEFINITION: n. A mixture of delight and guilt felt when a colleague, whom you despise, suffers a misfortune. v. To feel bad about feeling good when something bad happens to someone who is definitely not good.

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Created by: splendiction

Pronunciation: TRAIN rek spot er

Sentence: Jordan's last ditch effort to please the clients would fail badly. They were not impressed with her cheap plastic advertising pens that glowed in the dark. In fact her ad plan turned out to be a complete disaster when the pens didn't glow but instead leaked. Normally Jordan teamed up with Sass and they would share their strengths. This time Jordan greedily went solo - searching glory - while Sass moped around waiting for another bid. She secretly knew Jordan couldn't go it alone successfully - Jordan lacked judgement! Jordan's clients began to lose interest and backed away from the big job (which could have brought in much needed big profits for the company). Instead of helping, her jealous colleague Sass trainwreckspotted Jordan get the boot.

Etymology: From: trainspotter and trainwreck.

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Comments: Trainwreckspotter

Nosila - 2009-10-09: 23:05:00
Talk about derailment...good word!