Verboticism: Maladrink

'Fell asleep at the keyboard again...'

DEFINITION: n., The uneasiness, social discomfort, and impending sense of doom which occurs when you realize that you've sent out a few too many emails after drinking way too much. v., To worry about your social status after a night of heavy drinking and stupid emailing.

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Created by: thegoatisbad

Pronunciation: mal-a-drink

Sentence: "I hadn't been drinking alcohol" Kimberly insisted, "when I sent out that office-wide e-mail." Although few people believed her, Kimberly was telling the truth: she had been drinking an unfortunate combination of 5 Hour Energy and Monster Juice when she informed everyone of her intention to press charges against sweaters for being lazy.

Etymology: Maladroit (unskillful; awkward) + Drink

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Comments: Maladrink

Nosila - 2010-04-28: 16:47:00
Maliciously good word