Verboticism: Pdawkward

'Oh please stay! And don't worry about Robbie. '

DEFINITION: n. The sense of discomfort created when "a couple" says you are welcome to stay, even though their behavior suggests that you are getting in the way. v. To sit uncomfortably between two lovers.

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Created by: jadenguy

Pronunciation: PEE DEE OKK WORD

Sentence: "That's a great story, sir." The young man's hands reminded him of a different time in his life, her giggles and sighs, heaving and longing stares the burning silhouette in his mind. "So will you be here long?" he implored as he pulled his head from under her chin. "No, there's a bus every 20 minutes," I explained in total PDAwkwardness from my corner of the bench at the 34th street bus stop.

Etymology: Public Display of Affection + Awkward

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Comments: Pdawkward

Jabberwocky - 2007-05-31: 12:03:00
pretty steamy jadenguy

jadenguy - 2007-05-31: 16:50:00