Verboticism: Recidiotism

'I guess I'll have one more...'

DEFINITION: v. To make the same mistake over and over again even though you know it's stupid. n. A compulsively repeated mistake.

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Created by: serendipity9000

Pronunciation: re-sid-ee-ot-ism

Sentence: The first two times he tried to eat the wax fruit on her dining room table, she thought it was quirky ... but after that she started to suspect it was recidiotism.

Etymology: RECID and ISM from RECIDIVISM (repeated or habitual relapse)with IDIOT inserted in the middle

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Comments: Recidiotism

ErWenn - 2007-06-07: 14:26:00
Good word.

Clayton - 2007-06-07: 18:17:00
Wish I could give you both of my votes.