Verboticism: Appulations

'Jennifer? You've changed your hairstyle! I like it!'

DEFINITION: v. To seek approval from your boss by emulating their style, mannerisms or affectations. n. A person who copies their boss's style in order to win favor.

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Comments: Appulations

grasshopper - 2007-06-14: 10:39:00
for what it is worth this is not the word I wanted to use. I tried to go back a page and it saved this word. My actual word was appulatism,for what it's worth.

purpleartichokes - 2007-06-14: 10:46:00
You can change it! Click on your word, click on Edit, then, down the bottom you'll see Oops, I want to change the spelling (or something of that nature). (its in light lettering)