Verboticism: Mytherhood

'Eat! Or you'll turn into a boneless chicken.'

DEFINITION: n., Cautionary advice provided by parents to their children, often makes no logical sense but carries enough emotional weight to affect the child's behavior. v. To warn of danger through the judicious use of exaggeration.

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Created by: Scrumpy

Pronunciation: mith-er-hood

Sentence: Little Timmy believed the mytherhoods that his parents told him. He was completely suprised when he grew up and wasn't blind.

Etymology: myth + motherhood/fatherhood

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Comments: Mytherhood

purpleartichokes - 2007-09-28: 13:12:00
Hehe!! Great word too!

vixphilia - 2007-09-28: 16:53:00
Great word! :)

ScrabbledEgg - 2007-09-28: 18:02:00
Funny sentence, excellent word. Your "suburban legend" comment- also hysterical.

OZZIEBOB - 2007-09-30: 18:03:00
Great word: bonza of a blend!