I can open this thing!

DEFINITION: v. tr., To strain with all your might, and twist with every muscle in your body including your eyes, tongue and toes in a desperate but perhaps futile effort to open a sealed container, such as a jar of pickles.

I can open this thing!

VERBOTICISMS: (Invented words created by the Verbotomy Writers)

Openeurism: /o – pan – yer – izm/ John felt screwzy after nearly having an openeurism trying to get a pickle for Maggie. Several minutes gherkinating on that jar had left him exhausted. Etymology: open + aneurism, screwzy – woozy from trying to unscrew something, gherkinating – the action of twisting the lid off certain types of pickle jars. Created by: bzav1.

Comments on Openeurism:

galwaywegian, 2007-10-30: 08:15:00
I preferred gherkinating, butn you get my vote.

libertybelle, 2007-10-30: 10:27:00
Ha ha ha!! Great word!!

Scrench: /-ˈskɹɛntʃ-/ Once, when presented with a jar with a lid sealed shut by dried-out shoe polish, my grandfather screnched the jar into pieces. Etymology: From screw + wrench. Kinda sounds like “clench”, which is what one does with one’s teeth while screnching. Created by: ErWenn.

Comments on Scrench:

ErWenn, 2007-10-30: 11:06:00
True story about my grandfather. Cut him up pretty badly, but still a very impressive display of manhood. (As with all impressive displays of manhood, a certain degree of stupidity is a necessity.)

OZZIEBOB, 2007-10-30: 16:52:00
Your word sums up well the effort and feeling of the task.

Dillcapitate: /dill-cap-i-tate/ I will dillcapitate you Dave screamed at the pickle jar – even if my eyes remain bloodshot for a week. Etymology: dill (as in pickle) + dilapidate + decapitate + cap Created by: Jabberwocky.

Comments on Dillcapitate:

remistram, 2007-10-30: 09:23:00

Lidication: /Lid-ick-kacion/ with the many tools available to the modern chef, lidication has become a dying art. Etymology: Lid + extrication Created by: KenM2.

Comments on Lidication:

OZZIEBOB, 2007-10-30: 16:53:00
good word!

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Definition Comments:

Verbotomy2007-10-30: 04:21:00
Today’s definition was suggested by Clayton. Thank you Clayton! ~ James’

petaj2007-10-30: 09:11:00
That guy in the cartoon ought to have some droolpickles with all that effort.

Verbotomy2007-10-30: 11:38:00
Hey Petaj, Good idea! I have added some Pavlovian droolpickles. (You may need to reload to see the updated image.) ~ James

Kevcom2007-10-30: 15:39:00
Print it out! Print it out! Soooo Good just like the last!

Verbotomy2007-10-31: 00:56:00
Thanks Kevcom! ~ James

Verbotomy2007-10-31: 01:21:00
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Verbotoweek Gets Overclocked

Pinwheel Wins Doctorow’s Overclocked!
Overclocked by Cory Doctorow
It was a race to the very last minute, but there is no doubt that Pinwhell is now totally gonline! Congratulations to pinwheel for winning this week’s Verbotomy and an autographed copy of Cory Doctorow’s newest book, Overclocked.

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Weeklink Speaks in Tongues

This week there was a mudderlode of repligreat words which emersed us in a matrifice of mamartydom. The plagiarific copycatalyst hynetized my kissermisser causing a huge fisacool. I was not elone in leading a cheerox for the samueled, cloneforall afacia. However, I will try to philanthroplicate and emomcipate my zencompetent feelings and look forward to another week of misguise and creativity.

Top Ten Verboticisms of the Week:

  1. Gonline Created by: pinwheel
  2. Philanthroplicate Created by: ErWenn
  3. Copycatalyst Created by: porsche
  4. Repligreat Created by: ziggy41
  5. Avatarded Created by: verysimplegame
  6. Emomcipate Created by: Stevenson0
  7. Fiascool Created by: pinwheel
  8. Plagiarific Created by: Stevenson0
  9. E mersed Created by: Stevenson0
  10. Misguise Created by: Jabberwocky

Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Look at word number nine by StevensonO, who by the way has three words in this Top Ten List. and finished second overall in the weekly ratings, for the second week in a row… But look at that word again! Do you see what we see? Is that an illegal word? It has space in it? How did he, or she, do that? We better call the directors to get a ruling…

Five Fabulous Words

Here are five of our under-voted favorites

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My mother is a washing machine

DEFINITION: The sacrifice a mother makes when she gives everything to her children, including life itself, and then simply lets them go.

My mother is a washing machine

VERBOTICISMS: (Invented words created by the Verbotomy Writers)

Emomcipate: /i-mom-suh–peyt/ After nine months of eating all the right foods,countless nights of discomfort and no drugs , or alcohol, she was ready to emomcipate her child. Etymology: mom + emancipate Created by: Stevenson0.

Mudderlode: /mud-ur-lowd/ Breastfeeding five children over a span of eighteen years demonstates a mudderlode of motherly love. Etymology: mother lode + udder Created by: Jabberwocky.

Matrifice: /mae-treh-fice/ from kindergarten through medical school Elliott’s mother paid for everything and even baked cookies; it was the ultimate matrifice. Now he couldn’t even find the time to call her once a week Etymology: mater (prefix for all things having to do with mom) + sacrifice Created by: benjamin.

Mamartyrdom: /-məˈmɑːɹtɚˌdʌm-/ A rose and a card once a year easily make up for her mamartyrdom.* Etymology: From mama + martyrdom Created by: ErWenn.

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Ahhh! My hair! Don’t let them see me like this!

DEFINITION: To remain calm, steadfast and ploddingly systematic in the midst of a huge freaking disaster.

Ahhh! My hair! Don't let them see me like this!

VERBOTICISMS: (Invented words created by the Verbotomy Writers)

Fiascool: /fee-as-cool/ The caterers were running late, the flowers were wilting, the groom was still running around naked after his stag night and I was struggling to get into my dress. It was all a horrible mess but throughout it all James, the best man, was totally fiascool. Etymology: fiasco + cool Created by: pinwheel.

Zencompetent: /rhymes with “incompetent”/ Sarah zencompetantly rounded up the 73 monkeys that had escaped from their cages; not a single one was injured, and Sarah avoided all of the flug poop. Etymology: zen (calm, state of peace) + competent (competent) Created by: benjamin.

Ablomb: /uh-BLAHM/ Alex faced his simultaneous flu, audit, firing, and computer crash with ablomb. Etymology: aplomb in the face of a bomb Created by: mplsbohemian.

Androitude: /AHN – droi – tyood/ No, it wasn’t the crashing of a plane infested with snakes or the holdup of the diner that made Samuel L. Jackson’s girlfriend go ballistic and frantically screaming for help… it was actually his androitude. Etymology: android (a systematic cyberhuman; we all know how freakishly organized C-3PO was) + attitude (disposition) Created by: ohwtepph.

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Look at that big smile!

DEFINITION: To have difficulty recognizing, and correctly interpreting, human facial expressions.

Look at that big smile!

VERBOTICISMS: (Invented words created by the Verbotomy Writers)

Misguise: /miss-guys/ He would always misguise the apprehensive looks on co-workers faces and consequently talk to his boss when it was an inappropriate time Etymology: miss + guise Created by: Jabberwocky.

Kissermisser: /kiss-er-miss-er/ He confused a smirk for a scowl, fear for friendliness, a grin for a grimace. He was a socially inept kissermisser. Etymology: kisser + miss Created by: Stevenson0.

Misinterpotato: /miss-in-tur-pah-tay-toe/ My boss is one of those people who has a permanent grin affixed to his face, which is why I always find myself in hot water for committing misinterpotato. Etymology: misinterpret, potato (slang for head), Mr. Potato Head (a toy with easily discernable facial expressions) Created by: purpleartichokes.

Bemuggled: /bee-mug-uld/ Jill was bemuggled by Dave’s smile. Was he laughing with her, or at her? Etymology: befuddled, mug Created by: toadstool57.

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