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DEFINITION: v. To instinctively slam your foot on "the brakes" even though you're just a passenger. Often occurs when the actual driver fails to brake appropriately. n. A sudden jerk of the leg.

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Created by: omista

Pronunciation: aw-to-nec-RO-FO-BE-uh

Sentence: Jims autonecrophobia was so overwhelming that he found it hard to let anyone else drive.

Etymology: auto- self/car; necro- death; phobia- fear of

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Created by: GreatRandew

Pronunciation: Ghost-braking

Sentence: Instinctivly braking when such an action is felt as needed but when there is no brake pedal.


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Created by: purpleartichokes

Pronunciation: im-ped-ul-ment

Sentence: Sue hated riding in stop-and-go traffic when Bob was driving, as her impedalment would leave her leg aching by the journey's end.

Etymology: impediment, pedal

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Created by: briangianelos

Pronunciation: an-tE-ca-ta-stE-nkt

Sentence: Bill observed Jim's violent antecatastinct as he came to an abrupt stop at the busy intersection.

Etymology: Ante (before) cata (catastrophe) stinct (tendency)

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Created by: llimllib

Pronunciation: `Sood-a-break-er

Sentence: Steven laughed when Janine, the ex-driving instructor, bought her antique car. "Now you're a pseudabraker in a Studabaker!"

Etymology: Psuedo + braker = psuedabraker


I like the Studabaker reference. I got it without looking at the sentance. - johnnyrockett, 2006-12-27: 10:48:00

Thanks Johnny. - llimllib, 2006-12-28: 08:15:00


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Created by: Flixst

Pronunciation: mɪs'draiv

Sentence: When I'm sleeping in a car, I'm alway misdriving.

Etymology: mis(wrongly) + drive

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Created by: FeelTheMcGrath

Pronunciation: Ad-brayck-wah-fi

Sentence: As Jebediah and Miley stepped into the car, Miley felt uneasy. She had heard previously from her neighbors that Jebediah was a reckless driver, even when he wasn't on his yeast infection medication. As he put his foot on the gas and started to drive, Miley immediately adbrakewafied.

Etymology: Ad- To brake- break suddenly wafy- while saying, "Wa!"


Vote - ColeyPTrain, 2013-09-12: 14:45:00


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Created by: josje

Pronunciation: 2captaincar

Sentence: there is always trouble in a twocaptaincar !

Etymology: its from the sailingworld in witch there are no captains on a ship.


Kick the out - josje, 2006-12-27: 05:30:00


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Created by: Littell16

Pronunciation: abs-tas-tic

Sentence: Allsion made abstatic actions when she lost multi-word pop to Lauren.

Etymology: abs-from,away,down;tastic-amazing

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Created by: cannibalgymnastics

Pronunciation: stom- path - ee

Sentence: She didn't see the cyclist in time, but I still slammed my foot down in stompathy


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chris - 2006-12-27: 05:07:00
..hard to beat 'brakedancing'....

wordmeister - 2006-12-27: 10:37:00
Hey Chris, Yes I spotted brakedancing too! I was going to suggest that you consider "proxypedal" but that's your word... What about "Impedalment"? It's good too...

Wriiight - 2006-12-27: 12:56:00
While driving, I often notice my passengers suffer from a loss of controls.

wordmeister - 2006-12-27: 13:05:00
Good one Wriight!

nibololihiaa - 2018-12-27: 04:24:00
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Dulliesjag - 2018-12-27: 04:42:00
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lolakusovska - 2018-12-27: 16:26:00
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gorapukinovs - 2018-12-27: 17:50:00
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Dulliesjag - 2018-12-27: 19:45:00
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