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DEFINITION: v. To instinctively slam your foot on "the brakes" even though you're just a passenger. Often occurs when the actual driver fails to brake appropriately. n. A sudden jerk of the leg.

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Created by: rikboyee

Pronunciation: em-paath-en-jer-feet

Sentence: Realising that Gary had not noticed the red light, Jacob tried to empathengerfeet them to a safe stop.... there were no survivors

Etymology: empathy, passenger seat, feet

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Created by: johnnyrockett

Pronunciation: Br-a-ke-dans-ing

Sentence: As we slid through the stop sign, I instinctively breakdanced on the passenger side floor.

Etymology: Oh come on...breakdancing?


how does this have 62 points? where did they all come from? - Javeson1, 2006-12-29: 00:44:00


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Created by: Littell16

Pronunciation: abs-tas-tic

Sentence: Allsion made abstatic actions when she lost multi-word pop to Lauren.

Etymology: abs-from,away,down;tastic-amazing

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Created by: Drock

Pronunciation: BOOT-fleks

Sentence: As her friend skidded past the stop sign, she crammed her eyes closed and made a bootflex.

Etymology: Bootless - without result, futile. Reflex - an involuntary action.

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Created by: RachelRocks

Pronunciation: Con-tra-fibble

Sentence: Jeez mom, stop contrafibbling the floor of my truck when I'm driving.

Etymology: contra - against fibble - stomp

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Created by: Mustang

Pronunciation: brahsm

Sentence: Lucy was always on edge when riding in the car with her husband, Lou, and as he was often quite inattentive she would have a brasm, stomping on an imaginary brake pedal when she thought he was too slow to do so himself.

Etymology: Blend of 'brake' (device for stopping vehicles) and 'spasm' ( A sudden burst of energy, activity, or emotion)

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Created by: GreatRandew

Pronunciation: Ghost-braking

Sentence: Instinctivly braking when such an action is felt as needed but when there is no brake pedal.


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Created by: cannibalgymnastics

Pronunciation: stom- path - ee

Sentence: She didn't see the cyclist in time, but I still slammed my foot down in stompathy


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Created by: briangianelos

Pronunciation: an-tE-ca-ta-stE-nkt

Sentence: Bill observed Jim's violent antecatastinct as he came to an abrupt stop at the busy intersection.

Etymology: Ante (before) cata (catastrophe) stinct (tendency)

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Created by: SydneyNFox


Sentence: I slapped my foot down hard antedisasterinstictivswervigly,knowing if John didn't stop soon we would die!

Etymology: Ante-(Latin- before) Disaster-(Italian: Disastro- ill starred event) Instinct-(Latin: Instinctus- impulse) Swerve-(Old English: Sweorfan- depart, leave, turn aside)

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chris - 2006-12-27: 05:07:00
..hard to beat 'brakedancing'....

wordmeister - 2006-12-27: 10:37:00
Hey Chris, Yes I spotted brakedancing too! I was going to suggest that you consider "proxypedal" but that's your word... What about "Impedalment"? It's good too...

Wriiight - 2006-12-27: 12:56:00
While driving, I often notice my passengers suffer from a loss of controls.

wordmeister - 2006-12-27: 13:05:00
Good one Wriight!

nibololihiaa - 2018-12-27: 04:24:00
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Dulliesjag - 2018-12-27: 04:42:00
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gorapukinovs - 2018-12-27: 17:50:00
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Dulliesjag - 2018-12-27: 19:45:00
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