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'But they're not my dishes!'

DEFINITION: n. A discussion among family members, or room mates, which often turns into a full-blown yelling match, and which seems to occur every night whenever it's time to do the dishes. v. To fight about the dishes.

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Created by: rikboyee

Pronunciation: dish-ooze

Sentence: the share house was great but there were always some dissues they couldn't resolve

Etymology: dish, issues

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Created by: FreakyDeak

Pronunciation: Spoo'urn


Etymology: Spoon + Spurn (To reject/refuse)


Read fast, this word can have some other, unpleasant meanings. - FreakyDeak, 2011-02-15: 20:28:00


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Created by: Ahmad

Pronunciation: dish-baet

Sentence: A yelling was heard from Kamran's apartment at night but soon I learned , it was a dishbat between his daughters.

Etymology: Dish means dish. battle means fight between individuals or animals.

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Created by: acarr23

Pronunciation: Dish con fren ta tion


Etymology: An argument about dishes

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: krok fye tz

Sentence: It was the same every night after dinner. The Crockfights would begin. The 3 roommates would brawl over dish duty. They were armor-PLATED, they acted like MUGS, they DISHED it out to each other, the KNIVES were out and they would SINK to new lows. We were BOWLED over by the MAGNUMtude of their aggression. Just because they had to do the DISHES. They put the CUT in Cutlery, SPOON-fed each other venom and sPLATTERed each other with soap suds. There was PANdemonium until we told them to FORK off or we would send them on a slow VESSEL or a flying SAUCER to CHINA. Nothing is GRATER than love and WARE is the love???

Etymology: Crock (an earthen jar (made of baked clay) also (nonsense; foolish talk); Crockery (tableware (eating and serving dishes) collectively) & Fights (an intense verbal dispute;the act of fighting; any contest or struggle) & Play on CockFights (a match in a cockpit between two fighting cocks heeled with metal gaffs)


Wow - nothing's measuringCUP to your sentence! Chef's Surprise for the 3 doommates! - splendiction, 2009-09-28: 21:50:00


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Created by: artr

Pronunciation: dishhärmənē

Sentence: Every one of the roommates loved to eat but afterwards there was often dishharmony. Some acted dishabled, others tried to dishappear while others just created dishcord. It wasn*t that people really forgot whose turn it was as much as they dishapproved of the way the the others left things in the kitchen. Just about everybody was ready to dishmember Fred when he boiled water and fixed his instant oatmeal in the the pot only to leave it on the stove.

Etymology: dish (a shallow, typically flat-bottomed container for cooking or serving food) + disharmony (lack of harmony or agreement)


heh - galwaywegian, 2009-09-28: 10:12:00

Fred was dishlexic and couldn't read the iunstructions...good word. - Nosila, 2009-09-28: 16:38:00


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Created by: porsche

Pronunciation: dish/cush/shun

Sentence: A heated dishcussion broke out every evening.

Etymology: dish + discussion


I know it's lame but it's late in the game - porsche, 2007-03-09: 14:10:00


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Created by: splendiction

Pronunciation: DISH cord

Sentence: Dishcord would eventually result when no clean dishes were left! Painful cries, gasps and sneers preceded the noisy "dishcht it" scene: easier to throw 'em all away and buy new ones, than to clean 'em up! Good cheap dishes instead of dishpan hands! One day someone finally decided to buy paper plates and be ECO friendly, saving all that water!

Etymology: From: discord and dish.


But losing trees..good word! - Nosila, 2009-09-29: 01:13:00

clever. - mweinmann, 2009-09-29: 08:01:00


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Created by: BMott

Pronunciation: sink-o-sus

Sentence: They all suffered from a severe case of sinkosis as they shouted profanities at each other over who's turn it was to wash dishes.

Etymology: Sink: That marvelous gadget used to clean dishes. -- Osis: from psychosis, an abnormal state of mind brought on by a dirty sink. :-)


psycholgically astute - wordmeister, 2007-03-09: 00:37:00

petaj They probably had that sinking feeling you get of impending doom - your turn! - petaj, 2007-03-09: 04:32:00

That's not knife! Badumdum! My son was diagnosed with sinkosis. It's a devastating disorder. (For my kitchen!) - Sed8ed, 2007-03-09: 05:02:00


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Created by: Mustang

Pronunciation: chor-warz

Sentence: The three siblings engaged in loud, raucous chorewars after every evening meal when it was time to do dishes, each of them denying loudly that it was their turn....again.

Etymology: Blend of the words 'chore' and 'wars'

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Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2007-03-09: 00:15:01
Today's definition was suggested by petaj.
Thank you petaj! ~ James

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2009-09-28: 00:01:00
Today's definition was suggested by petaj. Thank you petaj. ~ James

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2009-09-28: 08:23:00
Hey Verbotomists, Nosila has won the last week's prize -- a signed copy Jasper Fforde's "The Eyre Affair". Clearly, she using her communicaddiction to make the most of this karmadyoferrors. I'm looking forward to seeing how she fares in this week's verbal crockfight. ~ James