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'Those idiots! I have the right of way!'

DEFINITION: To assert your right-of-way in traffic, even when it's stupidly dangerous to do so.

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Created by: angel1615

Pronunciation: traff-ik-all-i-say-shun

Sentence: These people cant drive havent they ever heard of trafficalisation. THEY COULD GET A TICKET FOR THAT £800 BUT THEY WOULDNT NO POOR THING.

Etymology: traffic + civilisation = Trafficalisation

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Created by: irminem

Pronunciation: road-hog-it

Sentence: There are inconsiderate drivers who roadhogit on the highways to the detriment of other roadusers.

Etymology: From "roadhog" a driver who behaves like a complete hog on the road.

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Created by: yamishinyi

Pronunciation: vee-his-em

Sentence: His vehism helped aid in the accident.

Etymology: vehi- vehicle ism- noun

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Created by: Osomatic

Pronunciation: Wreck + spect

Sentence: He'll wreckspect a two-ton semi trailer to stop on a dime if it means getting the right of way!

Etymology: Wreck + expect

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Created by: Jabberwocky

Pronunciation: coop/day/tah

Sentence: He instituted a coupedetat on a north bound road by declaring it a south bound route from here on.

Etymology: coup d'etat + coupe


Coupe, there it is... hey, hey, hey! - Kyoti, 2007-07-17: 15:45:00


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Created by: Stevenson0

Pronunciation: ir/road/sponce/ible

Sentence: He again crossed 3 lanes of traffic without signaling, demonstrating how totally irroadsponsible he is.

Etymology: irresponsible + road

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Created by: MisUndrstd

Pronunciation: [Ma-d-Mak-Suh-Muh]

Sentence: My cousin Vinnie in an attempt to run from the cops darted in and out of traffic on the 405 freeway. Many comments were made from other drivers.. some of them were sign language in the form of the one fingered sign. Over the police radio the officer said "In pursuit of a MadMaxima on the 405..."

Etymology: Mad (upset, crazed+ Maxima (model of automobile)= MadMaxima

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Created by: r0b0tj0n3z

Pronunciation: dry-ver-ight-iss

Sentence: Steve has driveritis tendencies

Etymology: driver, tendonitis?

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Created by: 12345678910

Pronunciation: logan

Sentence: galati

Etymology: 10

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Created by: KristinA

Pronunciation: car-fool

Sentence: She opted to drive home from dinner because his carfooling makes her nauseous.

Etymology: carpool and fool

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Osomatic - 2007-07-17: 00:40:00

Osomatic - 2007-07-17: 00:44:00
Eeek! I wasn't paying attention and I put my word in the wrong place - could you delete it for me, oh Mightiest of Verbotomists?

Osomatic - 2007-07-17: 00:44:00
Er... and the comment asking you to delete it. And, heh, this one too. I think I'm caught up now.

rikboyee - 2007-07-17: 01:00:00
aaahh...a bit of boxlexia i see

Kyoti - 2007-07-17: 11:12:00
La pequeña caja divertida.

MisUndrstd - 2007-07-17: 12:32:00
Yeah what Kyoti said!

Girljenta2006 - 2007-07-22: 11:27:00