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'Yes Boss, I am sick as a dog'

DEFINITION: v., To create the impression that you are deathly ill and represent a potentially lethal bio-hazard risk, so that your boss will ask you to "take the next couple of days off". n., A faked illness.

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Top verboticism of the day created by lumina

Pronunciation: kol-i-to-sis

Sentence: The weekend was just too short and the beach too perfect. Though it was the middle of October, the sun was hot, and the surf was up. Bianca decided there was no way she was going to drive back into the city. Instead, she planned on coming down with a really good case of callitosis. Not only was she going to take Monday off, but she planned to let her boss know this bout was so bad, she would not only be out until Thursday, BUT would most probably show up with a bad case of skin discoloration from the antibiotics the doctor had prescribed.

Etymology: call: The dreaded "calling in sick" phone call. osis: suffix-affected with, condition, abnormal process.

Created by: lumina.


Hahahaha... Thanks Kiddo. - metrohumanx, 2008-10-01: 13:32:00

Terrific - OZZIEBOB, 2008-10-01: 18:14:00

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Pseudomonia: /soodo-mone-yuh/ After two days of fake hacking and coughing at meetings, Congolia finally convinced her boss she was too ill to work, but Congolia smiled to herself as she left the office, knowing it was really a case of pseudomonia. Etymology: pseudo (false) + pneumonia (respiratory illness) Created by: LoftyDreamer.


Love that Congolia! - Nosila, 2008-10-01: 21:58:00

Fluse: /f-lose / Whenever Jenny has had enough of work, she'll call in with the fluse when she needs a mental health day at the beach. Etymology: FLUSE noun - from FLU (highly contagious viral disease)+ FALSE (not genuine; counterfeit) + RUSE (a crafty trick, stratagem) Created by: Stevenson0.

Grimweeker: /GRIM-week-uhr/ When telephonicly Bob's eerie ebolalia mournfully eked out his own impending self-doom; his boss, Mr Hart, always immediately granted to him, a moaning, groaning grimweeker, the next five working days off on full pay. Etymology: GRIM: having a harsh, surly, forbidding, or morbid air; melancholy; despondent: & WEEK:the working days or working portion of the seven-day period; workweek; _ER: (suffix): forming nouns, denoting doer. GRIM REAPER: the ghastly, savage, fierce, harsh, stalking, foreboding and repulsive aspect of immanent death. EBOLALIA (ebola & lalia) Created by: OZZIEBOB.


a whole week? lucky guy - Jabberwocky, 2008-10-01: 11:00:00


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