Verboticism: Autoerotistop

'Don't worry, my dad trained him'

DEFINITION: v., To counsel patience and caution when it comes to romantic endeavors. n., An unexpected or unwanted chaperon who has a special knack for "putting ice on it" when people get the "hots".

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Created by: picabomama

Pronunciation: auto - e - rot - a - stop

Sentence: Six weeks had passed since the arrival of the new baby and Aaron and Kelly were feeling up to an attempt at romance. The baby was recently fed, dry and sleeping peacefully. Aaron leaned in for a much needed inaugural kiss and just before his lips met Kelly's, the baby squawked. Aaron pulled away and held his breath. The crying stopped. Kelly waved him in for a second try and again the baby screamed, only louder. This time the baby could not be stopped. She screamed like a fire alarm for an hour. The exhausted parents consulted the owner's manual and discovered that their bundle of joy had come equipped with the often standard AUTOEROTISTOP alarm. This option was apparently not refundable.

Etymology: auto + erotica + stop

Points: 665

Comments: Autoerotistop

silveryaspen - 2008-02-13: 13:18:00
Out-of-gas-stop! Being stationary ... stopped at the station ... unable to move! Evokes so many images ... Wonderful Creation!

Tigger - 2008-02-14: 00:48:00
Hmmm... sounds like a poor design, but then again, it never runs out of gas, does it?