Verboticism: Googleptic

'Why can't I google my socks?'

DEFINITION: n. The inability to find, organize, or keep track of, simple physical objects. Often occurs when an individual has developed a search-engine dependency. v. To search for something that should be easy to find.

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Created by: jrogan

Pronunciation: goo-gel-ep-tic

Sentence: James was standing naked in his bedroom. He couldn't find his socks. He grabbed his iphone which was strapped to his hip -- that's right he slept with it and nothing else. He texted his socks. They didn't reply. He twittered them. No response. He phoned. No answer. So he googled his name plus socks and found a post on his blog which said "Look in sock drawer". And thank goodness he did, otherwise he would have had a googleptic fit.

Etymology: google + epilepsy

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Comments: Googleptic

mweinmann - 2009-08-11: 07:44:00
good word...

Nosila - 2009-08-11: 12:20:00
googlepic word