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'Why are you licking your pizza?'

DEFINITION: v. tr. To eat in a peculiar or ritualistic manner in an effort to lose weight while consuming more. n. An idiosyncratic method of eating, usually adopted for "health reasons".

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Created by: grasshopper

Pronunciation: id/i/o/bal/im/ir/itual/ling

Sentence: Dr's have informed me that my idiobalimiritualing ways will not only cause me to gain weight but to lose out on many necessary vitamins.

Etymology: idio/idiosyncratic, balimi/balamia, ritual/ritual, ing/action = = idiobalimiritualing

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Created by: blondibabi121692

Pronunciation: an or ex ee ting



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Created by: serendipity9000

Pronunciation: id-eo-sin-ca-lore-ic

Sentence: Her eating regimen was very idiosyncaloric - it insisted she only consume dairy and candy.

Etymology: IDIOSYN (from idiosyncratic - peculiar to the individual) + CALORIC


sounds good to me - Jabberwocky, 2007-06-20: 12:45:00


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Created by: petaj

Pronunciation: gore-mand-go

Sentence: Some people thought Lenny was totally aliMENTAL, but he was a dedicated practitioner of gourmandgo. This diet regime required him to eat copious amounts of mangoes all the while fidgetlicking to burn up calories.

Etymology: go man go (encouraging cry for those exercising) + gourmandise (make a pig of oneself) + mango (yum, plus full of antioxidants)


Don't blame me... I voted for Gourmand. - Clayton, 2007-06-20: 05:59:00

Appearantly, he had no grape desire to change his currant eating habits. - purpleartichokes, 2007-06-20: 09:46:00

petaj No, he was persimmonently sticking to the regime, although the side effects of all that fibre were difficult to pear. He kept appleying himself to the diet the same way he plummed the depths in his study of Mandarin and was still olive long after his grandchildren started dating. They apricioted his efforts and did not ban a nana from joining him, although he was figgin ginormous after a couple of years. - petaj, 2007-06-20: 22:53:00


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Created by: pungineer

Pronunciation: Health/fatty [say what you see]

Sentence: Darwin was the ultimate healthfatty, he had tried the fadkins, he had tried joining weightworshippers and he had even tried the latest celeb diet craze of masdietication, chewing each mouthful 87.2 times before spitting it out. When he told his friends he was trying the grow your own gruyere diet they decided it was time for another intervention...

Etymology: Suggestion of health plus faddy/fully/fatty with overtonnes of the eat fat to lose fat movement...


Maybe it's because I'm not a Londoner, but I like to pronounce this like a Londoner jew know? Helfatty, init! - scrabbelicious, 2008-08-13: 12:39:00

are your jockeychews too tight scrabby? If anything i'd thought it could rhyme with chapati mmm there probably is a gluten free healthfatty chapati... - pungineer, 2008-08-13: 12:45:00

Jockeychews too tight:) Funny punny. - scrabbelicious, 2008-08-13: 13:26:00


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Created by: scrabbelicious

Pronunciation: Jaw/key/ch/uh

Sentence: As Dan cuddingly jockeychewed his way through the McD menu he masticated over a day when bacon would be served as a condiment and elasticated waistbands were a retro fashion accessory.

Etymology: Jockeychew v. Spicey mix of 1. Jockey n. (Usually weight conscious) person who rides on the back of an animal. 2. Chew v. to masticate.


Do you want a PhD with that? - scrabbelicious, 2008-08-13: 12:41:00


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Created by: Mustang

Pronunciation: GORJ-eh-mone-ey

Sentence: Clarissa is a gorgemony devotee who engages in a ritualistic 'dining' wherein she endlessly and vigorously eats huge amounts of granola bars, a variety of nuts and dried fruits and other organic foods that she believes will insure her lasting health and vitality.

Etymology: Blend of the words 'gorge' (v. to stuff with food (usually used reflexively or passively) and 'ceremony' (n. any formal act or observance, especially a meaningless one)

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Created by: rephil

Pronunciation: kahn-stih-PUL-zhun

Sentence: Ada's numerous constipulsions meant that the waiter's order read like a manual for diffusing a bomb -- which, in fact, it was.

Etymology: compulsion -- an irrational need to do something; consume -- to use, eat; constipation -- a condition where the digestion is stuck in a particular state. Verb: (irr.) Constipuleat


Too bad you can't enter both the noun and verb forms of the definition! - rephil, 2007-06-20: 10:00:00

I like the sound of both of them! - purpleartichokes, 2007-06-20: 10:12:00


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Created by: ohwtepph

Pronunciation: uhn - noh - reh - klehk - sha

Sentence: Dianne's unoreclexic behavior has led a lot of unoreclexia believers and a lot of doctors to question her reasons for her peculiar diet. She'd rather drink a soda through the nose or die. Upon hearing this, one particular doctor-- Dr. Pepper-- went mad.

Etymology: un [opposite of] + anorexia [loss of appetite and inability to eat] + eclectic [choosy; discriminating]

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Created by: Jmakin


Sentence: By skimcaling her dinner Alice got to eat her cake and have it too.


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Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2007-06-20: 01:30:00
Today's definition was inspired by Robert J. Sawyer's Rollback. It may be science fiction, but when Rob gets rolling you can't help but laugh at the details of our daily lives -- like eating pizza. Rollback's pizza moment starts off with, "She was used to the way her husband ate pizza, but couldn't actually say she liked it", and then jumps right into the gory details. Thanks Rob! ~ James

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2007-06-20: 04:41:00
This summer it's Double Verbotomy with Verbotomy Text and Verbotomy Classic. Get the details: Double Verbotomy for the Summer Season.