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DEFINITION: v. To push yourself so hard to reach an impossibly high standard of perfection, that you undercut your own success. n. An impossibly high goal which practically guarantees failure.

Pronunciation: mah-trigh-er

Sentence: Simon's self-loathing drove him to pursue impossible goals. When, inevitably, he failed, he could at least wallow in the sanctimonious self-pity of a martryer.

Etymology: martyr + try


Created by: Carla.

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artr Overdude: /ōvərdoōd/ Like many guys Walter feels the need to take things to extremes. The fact that he fails just about every time he attempts to overdude something doesn’t change his approach. Etymology: overdo (carry to excess; exaggerate) + dude (a guy, man) Created by: artr.
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Robjective: /rob jek tiv/ Rob decided to get that close, smooth shave he had always wanted to impress his girlfriend, Venus. Conventional razors just didn't cut it for him. He pulled out his trusty Xacta and went for the juggler to meet his robjective. As he desanguinated,calling 911, he realized that if he had just used a regular razor, his name could now be Nick, instead of DOA! Etymology: Rob (To deprive unjustly of something belonging to, desired by, or legally due) & Objective (the goal intended to be attained (and which is believed to be attainable) Created by: Nosila.
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Disastorious: /di-sas-tor-ee-us/ Jonathan was going to be the world’s greatest novelist, but he could never get that first sentence right. So he would tell his friends his writing career was disastorious, hoping they would think it was something big... rather than something that was just very short. Etymology: glorious + disaster Created by: jrogan.
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Novel word! - Nosila, 2009-08-19: 12:09:00


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