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'They don't make video games the way they used to...'

DEFINITION: n., A belief that the contraptions of yesteryear are superior, in almost every way, to modern, present-day technology. v., To wish that the today's technology was just as good as it was in the past.

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Created by: looseball




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Created by: Kyoti

Pronunciation: Fill-CON-fuh-dense

Sentence: "Black and white televisions left more to the imagination and sparked creativity better than this crap," declared Grampa with philconfidence as he switched off his HDTV in the middle of yet another overbearing pre-paid program for male-enhancement products.

Etymology: Philco: a classic tube-filled electronic device manufacturer + Confidence: the feeling you get when you ignore the fact that the world is rapidly passing you by.


good one - Nosila, 2008-10-07: 22:53:00


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Created by: aiiden

Pronunciation: Classica-graphical-istics

Sentence: The classicagraphicalistics of old school console games are much more easy to understand than most of the newer video games now adays.

Etymology: classical+graphics+statistics


dork - aiiden, 2007-11-08: 10:26:00


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Created by: Stevenson0

Pronunciation: pon/ger

Sentence: Watching people play Wii at Best Buy sent him into a nostalgic moment and he began to ponger how amaaaaaaazing Pong and IntelliVision were and STILL are, but the sales person had no idea what he was talking about when he asked what isle these games were in.

Etymology: PONGER - verb - from PONG (the original video game from the 1980's) + PONDER (To reflect, or consider with thoroughness and care; TO REFLECT)

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Created by: thebaron

Pronunciation: pre-techno-lite

Sentence: John was a real pretechnolite, always bragging about the marvels of his 1984 Atari.

Etymology: pre (before) techno (technology) lite (elite)


Good one! - Stevenson0, 2007-11-08: 22:10:00


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Created by: Player1

Pronunciation: Ness-tahl-juh

Sentence: Somehow, playing the new Wii only made John feel NEStalgiac.

Etymology: NES + nostalgia

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: tek nold ojee

Sentence: Barry & Irma are firm believers in technoldogy. They drive classic restored automobiles. They still use their 8 tracks; their hi-fi and they still play on their Atari. According to their philosophy, Noah was the only one who knew how to build a boat and the Wright Brothers were the Right Brothers!

Etymology: Technology (the practical application of science to commerce or industry) & Old (ancient,just preceding something else in time or order)

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Created by: petaj

Pronunciation: superb + seeded

Sentence: Grumpy old men loved to sit around chatting about the superbseded transport arrangements they enjoyed when the aroma of horse manure lent a romantic ambience to their daily commute.

Etymology: superb + superseded

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Created by: TJayzz

Pronunciation: Wish-ee-wash-er

Sentence: Betty Bygone was furious when her washing machine broke down, it was the third new one she had purchased in eighteen months. Being a wishywasher, she longed for the days when all things were made to last, She thought back to her old mum and the twin-tub she had that must have been at least twenty years old if not more and how clean the clothes were back then, not a stain in sight. Nowadays you would be lucky if anything lasted more than six months she thought to herself as she browsed the net looking for yet another machine.

Etymology: Wish(a desire for something) + Washer(a device that washes eg: washing machine) = Wishywasher


Betty Bygone is a great name - Jabberwocky, 2008-10-07: 14:01:00

good word and name - Nosila, 2008-10-07: 22:51:00


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Created by: Eyeshah

Pronunciation: /TEK-uh-verse/

Sentence: Mario was what you would call techaverse, preferring his Atari, Commodore 64, and Walkman to the high-tech devices of today.

Etymology: tech+averse

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Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2007-11-08: 00:01:00
Today's definition was suggested by remistram. Thank you remistram! ~ James'

mplsbohemian - 2007-11-08: 03:52:00
I actually do think Super Mario 3 rocked hardcore.

remistram - 2007-11-08: 09:18:00
Atari was the bomb!

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2007-11-09: 21:08:00
You can actually download a version of Super Mario 3 to play on Wii. The best of both worlds ~ James

cawnpore - 2007-11-12: 21:57:00
Great word, it captures the meaning indeed!

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2010-03-05: 00:12:00
Today's definition was suggested by remistram. Thank you remistram. ~ James

Svetikreink - 2020-03-05: 01:12:00

Genkareink - 2020-03-05: 02:20:00

Petrikreink - 2020-03-05: 06:51:00