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'Honey, I was lost at the mall...'

DEFINITION: v., To find a lost item immediately after purchasing a replacement. n., An item which is lost and cannot not be found unless a replacement is purchased.

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Top verboticism of the day created by Stevenson0

Pronunciation: voo-doo-pli-keyt

Sentence: The spirits always conspire to voodooplicate the item I just purchased to replace the one I just lost. Because of this voodooplication, I seem to have two of everything I own.

Etymology: VOODOO - verb - from VOODOO (to act upon with magic; magical) + DUPLICATE (to make an exact copy of)

Created by: Stevenson0.

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Karmagotcha: /kar-muh-gah-chuh/ Their boss was so nasty and mean to everyone in the office that they were gleeful when he came back from lunch with a new iPhone, just as Lost & Found made a karmagotcha call to tell him they'd found the one he'd lost. Etymology: karma (fate; destiny resulting from one's actions) + gotcha (caught you) Created by: LoftyDreamer.

Purchiclone: /PUR-chee-klohn/ Bob ran naked from his bath when he realized that his purchicloned lotto ticket and the original - thought lost, but now being used by Roxie as a bookmark, were the only winners in the "$20m Bonanza Jackpot." Etymology: PURCH (of purchase):to acquire by the payment of money or its equivalent; buy & CLONE: to produce a copy Created by: OZZIEBOB.


your word made me think of purchicloincloth - Jabberwocky, 2008-09-25: 13:20:00

Lurp: /l er p/ My universal remote is one LURP that just really irks me. Etymology: L Lost* U unless* R replacement* is P purchased Created by: Justpeachyy.


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Today's definition was suggested by MrDave2176. Thank you MrDave2176! ~ James'

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Today's definition was suggested by MrDave2176. Thank you MrDave2176. ~ James

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