Verboticism: Myfacefriend

'Wow, you haven't changed since high school!'

DEFINITION: v., To seek out old acquaintances even though you never really knew them that well, or liked them very much, in the first place. n. An old and unwanted friend who has suddenly reappeared.

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Created by: petaj

Pronunciation: my-face-frend

Sentence: It was a sad day when Greg Arious realised that he'd gone way too far online networking. He had 656 contacts, most of whom were myfacefriends. It was time unfriend them.

Etymology: Myspace & Facebook social networking sites where people collect "friends" and renew acquaintances with folks they haven't seen or heard for years.

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Comments: Myfacefriend

Nosila - 2010-01-29: 10:39:00
How does one unfriend them??