Verboticism: Discomposture

'You can't put paper towels in the paper recycling!!'

DEFINITION: n. Anxiety created by an inability to understand or follow the regulations for recycling, composting and garbage collection. v. To feel confused and conflicted because you produce too much garbage and don't know how to get rid of it.

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Created by: Jabberwocky

Pronunciation: dis/com/post/yur

Sentence: I hurried down the street with my sunglasses on, listening to my ipod, so that none of the neighbours would notice my discomposture after I had hastily stashed a plastic muffin tray in the recycling bin. It did have a recyling symbol on it but I wasn't sure if the number was acceptable or not.

Etymology: discomposure + compost + dis (as in disrespect)

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Comments: Discomposture

purpleartichokes - 2008-03-25: 12:45:00
Oh, how I love compost! Wish there was a song about it. Good word!

silveryaspen - 2008-03-25: 13:28:00
With originality you have captured the meaning and feeling in the definition again ... with wit and humor thrown in! Outstanding!

doseydotes - 2008-03-25: 14:19:00
After reading your sentence, I had to google "recycling number" to understand what you are talking about here. Maybe it's because I'm an American, or maybe it's because I live in the middle of the United States (and not on a coast) but I admit I had no earthly idea that there were numbers on recyclables. Alas, we have no curb-side recyclables on my street.

doseydotes - 2008-03-25: 15:26:00
Okay, stache just privately pointed out that there IS, in fact, curbside recycling on my street, and he expressed surprise that I did not know about recycling numbers. I, apparently, am a recylidiot. Or an ecolodork. Or . . . you fill it in.

Jabberwocky - 2008-03-25: 15:44:00
wow - I think James might have (quite litter/ally)saved a little part of the planet today by choosing such a green definition. No more recylaments doseydotes.

doseydotes - 2008-03-25: 17:54:00
I'll be calling the City first thing tomorrow morning to ask for a bin. I'm . . . so . . . ashamed.

purpleartichokes - 2008-03-25: 19:08:00
Ashaamed, nay! I once thought that the triangular-shaped chasing arrows meant Danger! Crushing this plastic container may cause serious arrow-like injury.

OZZIEBOB - 2008-03-25: 20:07:00
Great word

Tigger - 2008-03-25: 23:30:00
Clever creations — love it!