Verboticism: Boxerrebellion

'Have you set up the security for our new computers?'

DEFINITION: v. To give a child, pet or coworker a wrapped gift or packaged item, only to discover they are more interested packaging than the item itself. n. Gift wrapping or packaging which proves to be more exciting than the contained item.

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Created by: libertybelle

Pronunciation: bock-sir-re-bell-yun

Sentence: Marina's third birthday brought expensive battery powered gifts as far as the eye could see -all from her "wish list". She played with them for a cumulative total of 10 minutes then grew tired of the noise and staged her own boxer rebellion by building a princess castle out of the packaging.

Etymology: box + boxer rebellion: uprising in China at the turn of last century against foreign trade and technology

Points: 893

Comments: Boxerrebellion

petaj - 2008-04-22: 04:13:00
Got my vote for originality - too many wrap words - of which i was guilty too

metrohumanx - 2008-11-20: 02:41:00
I LOVE historical references. Good work!