Verboticism: Noymee

'Do you guys mind eating somewhere else? '

DEFINITION: n.A state of irrational irritation, which inevitably develops whenever you work or live with someone whose annoyingly bad habits happen to mirror your own.

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Created by: wordmeister

Pronunciation: noy-mee

Sentence: Every time one of her friends twirled their fingers in coyly their hair, Jenny’s fingers twitched twice as fast. That’s so noymee, she thought to herself. And before too long, she had tied her ponytail into a series of rather intricate knots that resembled a small set of fur covered hand-cuffs.

Etymology: annoy me

Points: 1775

Comments: Noymee

OZZIEBOB - 2008-06-10: 05:37:00
Short but sweet. Jenny sure has the strangest OCD I've heard of yet!

wordmeister - 2008-06-10: 08:26:00
Thanks Ozziebob!