Verboticism: Serendveritime

'OMIGOD! Prada is on sale at Wal-Mart!'

DEFINITION: n. A place, or a moment, where all the different kinds of truths fit together, and where there are many different ways to be absolutely right about everything. n. To be absolutely right about everything.

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Created by: Rutilus

Pronunciation: seh-rend-veh-ree-time

Sentence: Clarice had stumbled upon a utopian place in time. The perfect shopping mall, stumbling across designer clothes at bargain prices, getting looks of amour from men and jealousy from other women. She was the best looking, best dressed woman in town; it was so apparently true.

Etymology: serendipity - act of stumbling upon pleasant surprises; verity - truthfulness; time - a moment or period

Points: 911