Verboticism: Windfunnel

'You're the only person who ever listens to me...'

DEFINITION: n., An ongoing relationship where one person does all the talking, whining and complaining, and the other just listens quietly and tries to appear sympathetic. v., To participate in a lopsided conversation where one person does all the conversing.

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Created by: emdeejay

Pronunciation: wind funnel

Sentence: Macey was a highly strung lass. Scarely a day went by when she wasn't on the blower to one friend or another detailing every last nuance of her existence. Incessantly her tongue would flap away, like an errant handkerchief in a stiff breeze. Her friends tried to be supportive, but eventually all they could feel was the continual blast of hot air emanating from Macey's wind pipe. Inevitably they tired of being on the narrow end of her windfunnel and changed numbers, address, and in one extreme case, country. Only Macey's cat Briggs will listen to her now, and only then in exchange for food and iTunes gift cards.

Etymology: "Wind": exasperatingly excessive verbiage. "Funnel": device designed to channel substance without spillage in one direction. "Blower": Slang for telephone.

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Comments: Windfunnel

emdeejay - 2008-12-04: 05:03:00
When asked how he did it, Briggs replied: "iTune'd out"

Jabberwocky - 2008-12-04: 09:17:00

silveryaspen - 2008-12-04: 11:58:00
Excellent. Wind for the talker, and funnel for the one who takes it all in. Is the song of the day "You are the wind beneath my wings?"

metrohumanx - 2008-12-04: 16:29:00
Techno-mechanically sublime word!

OZZIEBOB - 2008-12-05: 03:02:00