Verboticism: Phonectic

'Just a second, I have call waiting...'

DEFINITION: n. A person who engages themselves in several different communication channels at the same time, without paying attention to any of them v. To constantly switch your focus between cellphone calls, text messages, emails, and anything else that beeps.

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Created by: emdeejay

Pronunciation: Phone hectic

Sentence: Jan was so enamoured of electronic communication she had mastered the art of talking on one phone, txting on another whilst reading her email and driving a car. Unfortunately this had rendered both her quality of speech and attention span rather short. She had become phonectic

Etymology: Phone: voice communication tool. Hectic: too fast, too soon. Phonetic: say it like it is

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Comments: Phonectic

Nosila - 2008-12-13: 00:08:00
AAAAh, the age of one can spell, without spellcheck; no one can formulate a sentence without grammarcheck and no one can add or substract without built in calculator...pretty soon all our cerebral functions will be replaced by machinery...HG Wells was waaaaay ahead of his time!