Verboticism: Disobediablo

'How could she bring him without a leash.'

DEFINITION: n. An unleashed pet (or boyfriend) which is running amuck, chasing cars, eating garbage, and jumping on innocent bystanders. v. To unleash your pet and let him or her run wild.

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Created by: readerwriter

Pronunciation: diss-o-bee-dee-ahb-loh

Sentence: Yes, he was certainly a disobediablo. Contemplating the ceiling from her hospital bed of traction and her future plans for Hellmutt, her combination Pitt Bull-Chichuahua, Absentia knew even the Dog Whisperer couldn't help.

Etymology: DISOBEDIENT, meaning failing or refusing to obey + DIABLO, Spanish for devil

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Comments: Disobediablo

Mustang - 2009-03-19: 19:27:00
Devilishly clever.

chaiandallthatjazz - 2009-03-23: 16:03:00