Verboticism: Wrapsodelicious

'Have you set up the security for our new computers?'

DEFINITION: v. To give a child, pet or coworker a wrapped gift or packaged item, only to discover they are more interested packaging than the item itself. n. Gift wrapping or packaging which proves to be more exciting than the contained item.

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: rap so dee lish us

Sentence: When Todd saw his birthday gift, he was ecstatic! His friends had managed to pull off the best 40th Birthday gift for him...after months of hinting and cajoling, he knew they would not let him down. There she was, the lovely Violetta who had arrived at the office in a diaphanous sheer gauzy gown, nothing left to the imagination. She looked like an embodiment of Venus, the Goddess of Love and the other guys in his office swooned. "Where are they, My Pretty?" intoned Todd, and he knew she could keep nothing from him. Sure enough,when he came near her pulsating womanhood, she used her hands to give him the best gift of all...that's right, 2 tickets to the Super Bowl!

Etymology: Wrap (enclose or enfold completely with or as if with a covering) & Soda (sweet drink, with carbonated water & flavouring) & Delicious (greatly pleasing or entertaining)& Rhapsody (an epic poem adapted for recitation; heavenly delight)

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