Verboticism: Pushoff

'You're wearing that to the dance?'

DEFINITION: n. A fashion accessory, or an approach to personal hygiene, which is designed, not to attract others, but rather to repel them. v. To dress for protection.

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Created by: wordmeister

Pronunciation: push-off

Sentence: Even though it was a bit uncomfortable, Jenny was thrilled with her pushoff bra. But, she did worry about the legal implications. However, she rationialized it saying -- if those idiots made the first move, it was their own fault if their fingers we're broken. Besides it wasn't that bad, especially when you considered what her pushoff panties would do...

Etymology: push-off, the opposite of push-up

Points: 707

Comments: Pushoff

adbern - 2007-02-23: 14:23:00
i 'm curious about those panties....