Verboticism: Accslident

'OMG YGLT Shakespeare'

DEFINITION: v. To unconsciously adopt the vocal mannerisms and linguistic stylings of the people with whom you are speaking. n. A speaker who adopts the vocal mannerisms of their audience.

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Created by: petaj

Pronunciation: ack-slide-ent

Sentence: Carrie was the laughing stock of her friends because working in the childcare centre had caused her to accslidently talk like a toddler.

Etymology: accent (vocal styling) + slide (movement) + accident (unplanned, unconscious action)

Points: 455

Comments: Accslident

jedijawa - 2007-03-21: 00:31:00
I like it!

petaj - 2007-03-25: 04:14:00
thanks jedijawa