Verboticism: Maltruism

'Thank goodness Rodney went first'

DEFINITION: v. To generously allow others to precede you in hopes that they will identify, reduce, and perhaps be eliminated by, the potential hazards. n. A gesture of courtesy which is really the lead-in to a trap.

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Created by: Clayton

Pronunciation: MAL-troo-iz-uhm

Sentence: Don Vito's maltruism was most evident near revolving doors.

Etymology: mal- + altruism

Points: 710

Comments: Maltruism

petaj - 2007-06-26: 03:15:00
I suppose he often let his friends try the dodgy brew first so that he could avoice malt ruism.

petaj - 2007-06-26: 03:16:00
sigh. Hit the c and the e, but couldn't seem to hit the d! Avoid, avoid, avoid, avoid (100 times)

Clayton - 2007-06-26: 07:06:00
Finally, avoice of reason.

petaj - 2007-06-26: 07:46:00
Avoice and ruism are actually examples of my intellexicon.