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'Thank goodness these things are biodegradable!'

DEFINITION: n. A "natural process" which, smokers believe, makes cigarette butts magically disappear. v. To clean up someone else's butts.

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Created by: Johnnyweird

Pronunciation: Poof-sihg-uh-tree

Sentence: Without poofciggatry, we would be knee deep in cigarette butts.


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Created by: quippingqueen

Pronunciation: weed/womp/ing

Sentence: Her red-leather, open-toed pumps with high arch support, although perfect for weedwhomping, did little to hide a heavy-duty case of halitosis.

Etymology: weed = slang expression for a cigarette + whomping = synonymous with stomping it to death without resorting to smoke & mirror techniques

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Created by: Stevenson0

Pronunciation: ab/ruh/kuh/da/but

Sentence: After his last drag, he flicked his smoke, said abracadabutt and it was gone for good.

Etymology: abracadabra + butt


very funny!!! - Jabberwocky, 2007-01-25: 09:09:00


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Created by: toadstool57

Pronunciation: butt-O-dE-grAde-tion

Sentence: Jill relies on natures buttodegradetion to take care of her ciggarette butt as she tosses it on the floor and then begins to do her dance on it.

Etymology: butt/biodegrade/degrade


- toadstool57, 2007-01-25: 08:22:00

The spelling should be buttodegradetion. I can't seem to change it - toadstool57, 2007-01-25: 08:24:00


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Created by: artr

Pronunciation: disintōkrāshən

Sentence: Just about every car sold in America is equipped with an ash tray. Many go unused because smokers believe in disintokration, that magic process by which their butts, wrappers and even packaging go up in smoke just like the cigs themselves. A quick flick of the wrist and all responsibility is done.

Etymology: disintegration (the process of coming to pieces) + toke (the drawing of a puff from a cigarette or pipe)


Sadly, too true! Good Word. - Nosila, 2009-08-27: 15:21:00


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Created by: Fenners

Pronunciation: con - sig - quence

Sentence: They just don't understand the concigquences

Etymology: consequence + cigarette

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Created by: lebeast

Pronunciation: butts - ah - bliv- ee- us

Sentence: After the roof top perch caught on fire from her buttsablivious way of thinking, she wondered who would have done such a thing.

Etymology: butts + oblivious

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Created by: Maureen

Pronunciation: fag-is-ti-nay-shun

Sentence: Don't worry about finding a bin once you stub them out fagistination will take care of them.

Etymology: fag -colloq. cigarette. istine- from phillistine-someone lacking in refinement. ation- suffix for action or process.

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Created by: jbricandy

Pronunciation: Cig-erase

Sentence: She dropped her cigarette and expected it to cigerase by itself.


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Created by: playdohheart

Pronunciation: ash-trot

Sentence: With a flick of his wrist, and a quick ashtrot, the cigarette was squished under his foot and gone forever.

Etymology: ashtray, putting out a cigarette butt with the foot

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