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'Thank goodness these things are biodegradable!'

DEFINITION: n. A "natural process" which, smokers believe, makes cigarette butts magically disappear. v. To clean up someone else's butts.

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: kon fag ay shun

Sentence: When Virginia Slims started dating the Marlborough Man (Smoky to his friends), she worried not what would happen after they butted out their emberous reamains. She believed that the natural process of confagation would remove the reminders of their nicotine assignations. She was partly right, as often there would be a fire after they left the area and the coffin nails smouldered and flared up.

Etymology: Conflagration (a very intense and uncontrolled fire) & Fag (finely ground tobacco wrapped in paper; for smoking)

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: to bak gawn

Sentence: When Diane DuMaurier met Peter Jackson, it was love at first sight. Their first date was at a Matinee and afterwards they went to the Lucky Strike Bowling Alley. He puffed away, one cigarette after another and seemed to think all the butts would evaporate away in a tobaccgone process. When she realized he left a mess behind, she ran off with the Marlboro Man. Peter thought that took a lot of Gauloise to do such a thing. They were last seen trying to Export A Camel.

Etymology: Tobacco (leaves of the tobacco plant dried and prepared for smoking or ingestion) & Gone (having all been spent;away;former)

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: to bak go

Sentence: Virginia Slims reckoned that the cigarette butts she chucked would blow off into the air and recycle themselves. That's why they were actually known as tobacgo leaves.

Etymology: Tobacco (leaves of the tobacco plant dried and prepared for smoking) & Go (stop operating or functioning)

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Created by: toadstool57

Pronunciation: butt-O-dE-grAde-tion

Sentence: Jill relies on natures buttodegradetion to take care of her ciggarette butt as she tosses it on the floor and then begins to do her dance on it.

Etymology: butt/biodegrade/degrade


- toadstool57, 2007-01-25: 08:22:00

The spelling should be buttodegradetion. I can't seem to change it - toadstool57, 2007-01-25: 08:24:00


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Created by: Osomatic

Pronunciation: diss-SIG-te-gray-shun

Sentence: It's always amazing to watch the process of discigtegration going on outside bars at about 2:15 AM.

Etymology: disintegration + cigarette

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Created by: Javeson1

Pronunciation: bah-yoh-dee-grayd-ah-but

Sentence: Contrary to popular belief, cig butts are most def NOT biodegradabutt.

Etymology: biodegradable + (cigarette) butt

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Created by: paperhoard

Pronunciation: press-tee-butt-i-tate

Sentence: With a quick flick of the finger and fluttering of the hands, Charles used prestibuttitation to make the cigarette butt almost disappear.

Etymology: prestidigitate + butt


Impressive! - purpleartichokes, 2007-01-25: 07:14:00


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Created by: bondfool

Pronunciation: Fag-fare-ie

Sentence: Appearently, Roger thinks the fag-fairy will visit tonight.

Etymology: Fag (Slang for cigarettes)+fairy (Tooth fairy takes who take away lost teeth.)


good! - wordmeister, 2007-01-30: 15:15:00


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Created by: Alchemist

Pronunciation: mahrl-bore-oh-GEN-uh-sis

Sentence: Thanks to marlborogenesis, the world is filled with little yellow flowers. I try to do my part.

Etymology: Marlboro + (partheno)genesis

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Created by: CharlieB

Pronunciation: bīō-d-ig-a-ret

Sentence: Peter threw his fag end to the floor, assuming it would eventually biodegarette.

Etymology: biodegrade + cigarette

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