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'Excuse me! I think what you really meant was... '

DEFINITION: v. To jump up and correct your boss's mistakes during a presentation because it's important to get the little details right! (Even if she doesn't think so.) n. A person who publicly (and stupidly) corrects their boss.

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Created by: franke

Pronunciation: Know-it-aholic

Sentence: Bruce is a serious knowitaholic, unfortunately he doesn't know it.

Etymology: know-it-alcoholic

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Created by: babel

Pronunciation: pree-fec-shun-izm


Etymology: From prefect: a student monitor or officer, especially in a private school.

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Created by: wordygrrrl

Pronunciation: Ig-no-ram-it-all

Sentence: We all cringe when he corrects the Boss. How can someone be so smart and such an igknowramitall?

Etymology: ignoramus know it all

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Created by: deadpanwalking

Pronunciation: DEK-hek-el-er

Sentence: I thought that meeting would never end with all those olympic-level deckhecklers chiming in on every slide.

Etymology: Deck (as in powerpoint deck) + heckler

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Created by: alecstevenson

Pronunciation: power-pointer

Sentence: No matter how small the error was in a presentation, Joe from sales was quite the powerpointer.

Etymology: MS PowerPoint + er

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Created by: Stevenson0



Etymology: agitating + meticulous

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Created by: quippingqueen

Pronunciation: rong/bong -- just as it sounds

Sentence: The "wrongbong" seized the moment and let loose with a vortex of very vital verbs that the head honcho had seemingly overlooked in his ripsnorting remarks to the vestigial remnants seated around the board table.

Etymology: "wrongbong": a moral epithet used frequently in the corporate communications world to describe the obnoxious behavior of those who are very low on the ladder of Lilliputian life and unlikely to be in line for a promotion any time soon

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Created by: Jabberwocky

Pronunciation: bossa no no va

Sentence: To everyone's dismay he did the bossanoknowva every time his boss made a little mistake

Etymology: bossa nova + know

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Created by: timmy

Pronunciation: e v

Sentence: your ev.


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Created by: queeny

Pronunciation: nit-pickle-prick

Sentence: I have a feeling that that nitpickleprick has Mommy issues.


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wordygrrrl wordygrrrl - 2006-11-09: 05:11:00
It's a modern plague, made worse by the 'Infonet'. I know a few people like this...

- 2006-11-10: 05:11:00

deadpanwalking - 2006-11-10: 14:11:00
Bossanova, hahahahahaha, nice work, Mother

deadpanwalking - 2006-11-10: 14:11:00
sorry, (ahem) "BossaKNOWva."

- 2006-11-10: 19:11:00
Deadpanwalking -- your sentence made me laugh out loud. So true...