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'Who wants a white christmas?'

DEFINITION: To imagine that you are peace dove, or maybe a pigeon, flying high above the crowd and dropping your best wishes on everyone.

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Created by: vainglorious11

Pronunciation: S-eye-k-or-nih-th-oh-k-rap-you-l-en-ss

Sentence: Waiting in the massive line for the boxing day sale, I caught myself in a bout of psychornithocrapulence.

Etymology: Psych- for mental, ornitho- for bird-related, and crapulence for, well, crap.


This particular case might be better termed "caterval (crowd-related) psychornithocrapulence. - vainglorious11, 2006-12-18: 19:31:00


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Created by: ErWenn

Pronunciation: /fan-'tas-m&-sh&-"plop/

Sentence: Samuel hated his job at the Pentagon, and often he would doze at his desk, phantasmashaplopping the hours away visualizing himself as a bald eagle, shaplopping all over his bloodthirsty coworkers.

Etymology: from phantasm, an illusory mental image + shaplop, to drop your peace wishes on someone (from shalom + plop)

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Created by: wysware

Pronunciation: poo-lo-ji-um

Sentence: i delivered my poologium to the masses from on high

Etymology: poo (faeces) eulogium (praise)

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Created by: Pythias

Pronunciation: ce - lex' - cre - mate

Sentence: Birds of joy will hover near and celexcremate a merry cheer.

Etymology: celebrate + excrement

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Created by: Xenonym

Pronunciation: fanta-autism



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Created by: Chistinalove

Pronunciation: poop -on -dreams

Sentence: I was so mad at every one in the office that I experienced poopondreams

Etymology: poopondreams - american

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Created by: whimsy

Pronunciation: dey-kreem

Sentence: Sitting in his cubicle the night before Christmas, he stared out the window and daycreamed his boss's luxury car.

Etymology: daydream + cream

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Created by: tsukishimamonja

Pronunciation: htlk



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Created by: jeremiahbritt

Pronunciation: feh-ther-lew-sih-nayt

Sentence: Michael liked to spend his lunch hour featherllucinating, especially around bald men and babies.

Etymology: Feather+hallucinate

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Created by: Bellman


Sentence: "Last night I had a dream that I was dovacating."

Etymology: From 'dove' and 'defacate'

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Deadpanlives Deadpanlives - 2006-12-18: 12:55:00

camel - 2006-12-18: 13:38:00
All these nouns & adjectives really irk me; in fact, I'm escafating at the thought of you nounoticists & adjectivists.

ErWenn - 2006-12-18: 13:45:00
This may be a case of a definition carrying too much content. Why the imagining? Why not "To drop your best wishes on everyone, as a peace dove or pigeon"? Or maybe just "To poop on someone, as a dove or pigeon"? You can always elaborate the circumstances in the little comic (which always amuses me, by the way).

ErWenn - 2006-12-18: 13:46:00
I like the new set-up as far as it hides voting results and rankings and how it randomizes the words, but it'd be nice if I could get a list of all the words submitted. Otherwise, I keep hitting "More..." over and over again, just in case I missed one randomly.

gwenaverill - 2006-12-18: 14:51:00
Definitely. Also, I'm having a hard time finding the results now, even for words I've already voted on.

gwenaverill - 2006-12-18: 14:53:00
You know something else that might work well? Have a time window for submitting verboticisms and a different time window for voting on them. For example, we submit the definitions of this word all day today, and then new words cannot be created, and tomorrow we vote on all the entries at the same time as we create the next verboticism. It would cut down on the "early bird" syndrome in voting.

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2006-12-18: 17:05:00
Hey ErWenn and Gwenaverill, Thanks for your comments! We are in the early days of the game so we appreciate your suggestions. We will make a complete list verboticisims available, and we are workinfg on the timing. Thanks ~ James