Verboticism: Birector

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Created by: petaj

Definition: n. An extremely moody boss, happy one day, mad the next, happy, mad, happy, mad... v. To happily give orders one minute, then angrily yell out the opposite instructions the next. (Note: It's not because you're moody. It's because people don't listen!)

Pronunciation: bye-rect-a

Sentence: "mmm! will have to think up something creative to go here -- no stuff that who gives a fig about reading clever sentences anyhoo" Birector of Sentencing.

Etymology: Director + Bi (as in two-faced BItch) and bipolar

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Comments: Birector

stache - 2008-04-10: 07:59:00
GET THAT SENTENCE EDITED!!! Or not; you should go with your feelings on this one.

Jabberwocky - 2008-04-10: 11:27:00
I think that's precisely what the birector of sentencing might say - it would be funny if your verbotomy referred to a judge.

stache - 2008-04-10: 19:53:00
Ya think?