Verboticism: Faultitask

'Since when did you get to be my Boss?'

DEFINITION: The response you get when you tell a coworker that their clothing violates the dress code standards at your office.

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Created by: ErWenn

Pronunciation: /'fol-tE-"task/

Sentence: Natasha liked to pretend that she could check her messages on her cell phone while listening to the lecture, but her teacher knew that she was merely faultitasking.

Etymology: From faulty + multitasking

Points: 1919

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Comments: Faultitask

wordmeister - 2007-01-11: 09:50:00
My teachers hate when I'm faultitasking. Thank goodness I have a laptop so they can't tell. I'm sure my marks would suffer if the knew...

ErWenn - 2007-01-11: 20:17:00
Trust me, they know. As a teacher, I can say that with confidence. What gets on teachers' nerves is not so much when you aren't paying attention but when you're being obvious about it. It's the same difference between trying not to get into a conversation with someone you don't like at a party and actively ignoring everything they say.