Verboticism: Eveyenning

'What are you doing?'

DEFINITION: n. A sudden, uncontrollable desire to eat something fast, usually occurs at bedtime. v. To eat food while lying in bed.

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Created by: petaj

Pronunciation: dream-bun

Sentence: Guthrie always succumbed to dreambunning. It led to the collapse of his marriage due to crumbreconcilable differences in the bed room.

Etymology: cream bun (my favourite tuck shop treat when I was a kid) + dream (something one does at bedtime + something one yearns for)

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Created by: sunny09

Pronunciation: slunch-eeze

Sentence: the only problem with slunchies is falling asleep with food in your mouth

Etymology: slumber, munchies.

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Created by: OZZIEBOB

Pronunciation: snak-LAK-ri-tee

Sentence: Bob's noshnod-offs, especially his snacklacrity, were a constant source of irritation for Roxie; but, no matter how hard she tried, in the end, she could never resist his bedroom-fries.

Etymology: SNACK: A light meal, eaten between regular meals; ALACRITY: eagerness, keenness; fervor, zeal.


love bedroom-fries - Jabberwocky, 2008-07-11: 14:25:00

I,too, love Bedroom Fries...sounds like a love song! - Nosila, 2008-07-11: 22:40:00


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Created by: reverb

Pronunciation: snaw-gle

Sentence: Hillary liked Bobby. And she didn't mind sleeping with him except for the fact that he was an habitual snoggler, who'd consume two boxes of cookies, diet coke and small chicken every night while he was sleeping. She didn't mind the crumbs, but she couldn't stand the constant slurping! So she game him an ultimatum. He said he couldn't sleep on an empty stomach. She told him that he would have to sleep in an empty bed.

Etymology: snore + snogger + hog

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Created by: mweinmann

Pronunciation: snakzzzs

Sentence: Lolita always snackzzzs. Barny doesn't know if she is awake or sleeping but she suddenly jumps out of bed and returns with leftovers. Sometimes he isn't sure whether she is snoring or chewing.

Etymology: snack, zzzs

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Created by: Jaxies

Pronunciation: /munch-evens-drome/

Sentence: "After a night out on the town she was suffering from a severe case of munchevensdrome, and so headed for the nearest kebab shop."

Etymology: Munchies + evening + syndrome

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Created by: airlie

Pronunciation: snak-uh-MAY-nee-ah

Sentence: It wasn't that he dull. It wasn't that he was bald, yet hairy at the same time. It wasn't even that he snored and smacked his lips when he ate. It was that he ate impulsively and urgently, and so often in bed that drove the poor woman mad. Thomas's frequent pre-slumber snackomania irritated the living daylights out of Miriam, more than the crumbs that ended up in the bed. His nocturnal tachyphagus tendencies were really trying her patience... Rat poison featured too often in her dreames. Something had to give...

Etymology: SNACK: a small portion of food or drink or a light meal, esp. one eaten between regular meals, + MANIA: an exaggerated desire or enthusiasm for.


metrohumanx You crack me up, airlie. - metrohumanx, 2008-07-13: 21:38:00


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Created by: Mrgoodtimes

Pronunciation: Rem-i-dih-jes-chuhn

Sentence: After running through the spaghetti fields with his garlic bread umbrella sheltering him from the meatball hail storm in his dream, he awoke with an urgent desire for some remedygestion.

Etymology: REM (sleep)- remedy - ingestion Hmmmm dream food, always low on calories


Love the imagery.. - Nosila, 2011-03-01: 15:18:00


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Created by: Tigger

Pronunciation: /NAP-uh-tiyt/

Sentence: Since beginning his diet, Brian would experience cravings every night after climbing into bed each night. Whenever he tried to relax and his mind was otherwise unoccupied, a nappetite would creep up on him. It was not visions of sugarplums dancing in his head, but the pizza polka, the fried-chicken fandango, the sandwich samba, the chili dog cha-cha, the taco tango, etc...

Etymology: Nap - to sleep or doze (from Old English, hnappian "to doze, sleep lightly") + Appetite - an instinctive physical desire, especially one for food or drink (from Old French, apetit "desire for")


Good word. - OZZIEBOB, 2008-07-11: 19:09:00

"but the pizza polka, the fried-chicken fandango, the sandwich samba, the chili dog cha-cha, the taco tango, etc..." Whoa, gonna be one nasty crappetited. :D - lumina, 2008-07-11: 20:42:00

ok..typo...I meant crappetite. - lumina, 2008-07-11: 20:43:00

The Cake Walk, the Pasta Doble, the Peppermint Twist, the Grape Stomp, The I Hop, The Rumba Coke, the Nacho cha cha cha, the Beer Belly Dance...not to mention Liverdance! - Nosila, 2008-07-11: 22:48:00

metrohumanx And LUNCHBREAK DANCING.... - metrohumanx, 2008-07-13: 21:35:00


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Created by: hockml

Pronunciation: nock-toe-jes-chin

Sentence: Each night before he fell asleep, he was overcome by a fit of noctogestion that necessitated he wander from the bedroom to the kitchen in search of some food.

Etymology: noct, meaning "of the night" and gestion, such as digestion

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