Verboticism: Hmvanguish

'Is this shrink wrapping a new security feature?'

DEFINITION: v. To injure oneself physically, or to be reduced to a state of mental incapacity, when attempting to open shrink-wrapped CDs, DVDs or software. n. Packaging that is painfully difficult to open.

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Created by: scrabbelicious

Pronunciation: Hay/ch/EM/Van/gue/ish

Sentence: Promoting his newly rigged h-operating system, which he hoped to set sail at a press conference at HMV head quarters, Bob said, "I can't get the package out of the damn pack cage, I can't take this HMVanguish anymore."

Etymology: HMVanguish n. A 3-track splicing of 1. HMV, a moribund multi-national multi-media multiple. 2. HMS-Vanquish, a fictional warship of the British Navy 3. Anguish, mental suffering.

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