Verboticism: Transcorpulation

'I need to feel sexy again! Give me Britney's abs!'

DEFINITION: v. intr., To compensate for emotional rejection by trying to change one's appearance through aggressive dieting, exercise and/or plastic surgery -- common among aging divorcees.

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Created by: Kooldaddy

Pronunciation: trans corp u lation

Sentence: Thanks to my hair transplants and low-carb diet my transcorpulation is well ahead of schedule.

Etymology: trans - the act of change or evolution, corpus - the primary body, lation - the unification and completion of the conceptual transformation.

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Comments: Transcorpulation

Kooldaddy - 2008-08-20: 15:33:00
Why just 11 points ? I should have thought 21 at least...

Jabberwocky - 2008-08-20: 15:42:00
Hey Kooldaddy - Pronunciation, sentence and etymology will automatically get you 11 points - people have to vote for your word for you to gain extra points - excellent start