Verboticism: Notivated

'Oh yes, I keep notes for everything.'

DEFINITION: v., to post sticky notes all over the place, including sticky notes to remind you to read the previously posted sticky notes. n., an obsessive compulsive dependency on sticky notes.

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Created by: Stevenson0

Pronunciation: noh/tuh/veyt

Sentence: Jenny's yellow stickies posted everywhere keep her notivated and on track to accomplish every deed and detail of the day and of her life.

Etymology: NOTIVATE - verb - from NOTE (something written down to assist the memory) + MOTIVATE (To provide with an incentive; move to action; impel)

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Comments: Notivated

metrohumanx - 2008-08-25: 08:36:00
Thanks. Now I'm NOTIVATED to go out and buy a ream of them.