Verboticism: Dejampoo

'Did I just shampoo?'

DEFINITION: n. A momentary break in the time-space continuum, which often occurs while showering, and leaves one wondering whether or not they have shampooed their hair. v. To lose track of time while showering.

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Created by: wordmeister

Pronunciation: dA-jam-poo

Sentence: Marty closed eyes under the shower, and in a state of dejampoo, reached down to grab the bottle. You'd think the odd shape would have warned him. No. He twisted it open. You'd think the acrid smell of lemon-ammonia would have alerted him. No. He massaged it into his hair. You’d think that the corrosive power of toilet-bowl bleach etching into his scalp would have stirred him from his reverie. Well, it did actually -- after about five minutes. Marty is now a very bleached blonde.

Etymology: deja+shampoo

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