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Created by: galwaywegian

Pronunciation: orr eye peee for tee fye v

Sentence: Gecko smiled as the oreyepeefortyfive was carried past his office. Another saving for the pension fund

Etymology: R.I P. P.45

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Created by: galwaywegian

Pronunciation: or eye pee for tee fyve

Sentence: his acceptance of his ripfortyfive save the company a fortune on a pension

Etymology: RIP P45

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Created by: kateinkorea

Pronunciation: DIE HARD WOR ker

Sentence: “Death by deadlines” was what they wrote on his tombstone. But Charles’s dead end job became the death of him. Charles was always working hard while those around him were hardly working. His diehard devotion to his hard work ethics made him the diehardworker of the year…when he retired permanently of a heart attack.

Etymology: DIEHARD: Firmly, often unreasonably immovable in purpose or will HARDWORKER: Someone who works hard DIE:


Excellent etymology! Excellent verbotomy! - silveryaspen, 2009-03-30: 11:07:00

and if you believe in reincarnation you could have diehardworker2 - Jabberwocky, 2009-03-30: 12:46:00

Awesome word - especially the "death by deadlines" and " working hard while others were hardly working"! - ha ha, sad, though too. - splendiction, 2009-03-30: 20:16:00


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Created by: rombus

Pronunciation: hart + attak + sd

Sentence: Nathan was forced to take retirement today. He was toasting his bagel in the lunch room and went down clutching his cream cheese to his chest. Because of his age, bad eating habits and penchant for work at the age of 83, he was heartattaxed and never received his enormous pension.

Etymology: Heart Attack and Axed -- Coronary and Terminated or Cancelled.


Perhaps it was a combo of the job and the being taxed to death that led to heartattaxed! Great blending! - silveryaspen, 2009-03-30: 11:06:00

terrific - Jabberwocky, 2009-03-30: 12:48:00

Fantastic. Your word also has "taxed" in it; working for so long and being taxed, too. - splendiction, 2009-03-30: 20:08:00


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Created by: readerwriter

Pronunciation: mohr-tih-fie-errd

Sentence: Chipper had been mortifired, but left smiling. After a life-time of entry-level service to the company, Chipper was at long last over everyone. Now, floating above the computers, the waste paper baskets, the file cabinets, he was having his very own out-of-body experience. If he could have spoken, he would have told young Audrey and Adam, over there by the water cooler that he cheerfully bequeathed them the contents of his desk.

Etymology: A play on MORTIFIED (from MORT, the French for death) meaning to be humiliated + FIRED, meaning to be let go from a job, dismissed


really liked this word - mweinmann, 2009-03-30: 16:34:00


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Created by: mweinmann

Pronunciation: di + ree + tire + ing

Sentence: To dieretiring is to keep working way past the time that you should mentally and physically just to try to collect more money at retirement.

Etymology: Die, Dire, Retiring, "Die Trying".....


ooh - know a few of those - Jabberwocky, 2009-03-30: 12:46:00


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Created by: artr

Pronunciation: līôf

Sentence: It was clear that Ralph wanted his full retirement. Through several mergers and stiff reductions, he had steadfastly resisted buy-outs and other offers to take an early pink-slip. He now has taken a non-voluntary lieoff as he was found taking a dirt-nap on the floor of his office. Ever the diligent worker, he had just completed the paperwork for taking a personal day, his first in 25 years.

Etymology: lie (be in or assume a horizontal or resting position on a supporting surface) layoff (a discharge, esp. temporary, of a worker or workers)


In looking at your 'score details' I noticed that you didn't vote for a single verbotomy all last week. I'm curious to know why not? - silveryaspen, 2009-03-30: 19:33:00


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Created by: silveryaspen

Pronunciation: job corpse

Sentence: Be careful, for there is distress in any job corps. Don't let it become a deathstress and turn you into a jobcorpse!

Etymology: JOB - work. CORPSE - a dead body. JOB CORPS - any job group or work force. It has become widely used to refer to a goverment job training program for teens and very young adults, but can mean any job group or work force.


Is this an elite group? Great word! - rombus, 2009-03-30: 08:29:00

Awesome word! - kateinkorea, 2009-03-30: 10:01:00

Perhaps, Rombus, for after all people are dying to get in! - silveryaspen, 2009-03-30: 11:25:00

nice word but disturbing concept - this would have been a good definition for Halloween - Jabberwocky, 2009-03-30: 12:50:00

scary thought.....I'll try to take this advice myself!! Great Word! - mweinmann, 2009-03-30: 16:34:00

Excellent word - many interpretations. It is frightening that we often make corpses out of our youth. But aside from that, I do sometimes feel like a jobcorpse at work... - splendiction, 2009-03-30: 20:13:00


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Created by: Mustang

Pronunciation: my-oh-card-yal-in-FRACK-shun

Sentence: Montgomery committed the ultimate myocardialinfraction by having a fatal heart attack mere weeks before he was to have gained eligibility for a comfortable retirement package.

Etymology: Blend of 'myocardial' (relating to the tissue of the heart) and 'infraction' (breach; violation; infringement) -- a word play on the medical term myocardial infarction

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Created by: galwaywegian

Pronunciation: desk eeeeee st

Sentence: They had to break the deskeaced's legs to get him out of the chair. Seems he had died six months previously but the a/c was so cold it froze his ass to the chair.

Etymology: deceased

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silveryaspen - 2009-03-30: 02:06:00
Song of the Day: "Take this Job and Shove It" ... or should that be shovel it?!!!

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2009-03-30: 07:18:00
Shovel it, about six feet under ~ James

'I guess Bob isn't going to get his pension...'

DEFINITION: v. To expire, pass away or kick the bucket while at the office; often occurs when someone is overworked, underpaid, and desperately trying to hang on for a full pension. n. A person who has been suddenly, and permanently, terminated while a work.

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