Verboticism: Autoculpaception

'Omigod, I'm surrounded.'

DEFINITION: n. The weird feelings that rise up when you notice that you are being followed by a police officer, or a cop car, or the Special Forces Anti-Terrorist Unit. v. To feel nervous, self-conscious and guilty whenever you see a police officer.

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Created by: arrrteest

Pronunciation: awto-culpa-sep-shun

Sentence: Julie became acutely aware of her parasympathetic body functions such as her breathing and eyeblinking as soon as she noticed the cops walking in her direction. She new she wasn't speeding because she was walking. No, perhaps they caught her jay-walking two blocks ago, or maybe someone reported her when she accidently stepped on a praying mantis. Or perhaps it was Homeland Security coming to get her for something she said on a telephone call, or the evil thoughts she had towards her boyfriend's ex. Whatever it was, Julie was suffering from an acute case of autoculpaception.

Etymology: auto (self) + culp (fault, blame)+ ception (perception)

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Comments: Autoculpaception

silveryaspen - 2008-03-20: 16:17:00
Very intellectual and scholarly!