Verboticism: Utenzealot

'Ewhh! You're eating chocolate-covered ants with a knife and fork!?'

DEFINITION: v., To use a knife and fork to eat foods like hamburgers, pizza, or pigeon wings, which are customarily consumed using one's hands. n., A person who is afraid to eat food touched by human hands.

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Created by: emdeejay

Pronunciation: You tense a lot ?

Sentence: Barry would fall into almost rapturous convulsions when he saw someone eating food with their hands and (gasp) not on a plate. I believed blindly in the superiority of cutlery in not just a hygienic sense, but a moral one too. Anxiety over not having appropriate implements forced him to keep an emergency eating kit in his glove compartment. He was quite the utenzealot.

Etymology: Utensil, Zealot

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