Verboticism: Lintspection

'Honey, have you seen Wilbur?'

DEFINITION: n. The tight-packed wads of fluff found in the dryer after doing laundry. v. To uncurl and dissect the fluff found in a dryer while trying to figure what it once was.

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: lint spek shun

Sentence: When Sarah was studying forensics, she always did a lintspection on her own dryer fluff to determine its origin. She came to the conclusion that those socks that "disappeared" in the dryer, actually became unravelled due to the stress of daily living and their remains ended up in the lint trap. Hosiery hari-kiri, sock sad.

Etymology: Lint (dryer fluff;unravelled fibres) & Inspection (a formal or official examination)

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